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I signed up for the Job seeking course thinking to just get my CV out there. I got a lot more than expected! The course helped me become FOCUSED. It helped me FOCUS on who I am and what I enjoyed. It helped me FOCUS on the job I wanted. It helped me FOCUS on what I wanted in life and in work. It then taught me to SELECT and AIM and get HIRED. It's not just any course. Thank You Coach Kim! K Yun

This high energy course will teach you precisely how to identify and land a better job today

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In the first free lesson, learn what you need to do to land a great role. This comprehensive course will help you to feel energised and motivated. Think of it as your complete end-to-end expert guide. It was crafted for job seekers and will help you secure your next role.
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The Secrets Unveiled

Did you know that there was a secret job market? I’ll show you how to tap into it. Discover what steps you need to take to find your ideal role. Gain insights on how to negotiate for the salary you deserve. Learn what steps you need to take to get a job you love.

  • 21 powerful lessons detailing the actions you need to take to score a great job.

  • 12 expert information and activity 'Career Sheets' sheets that you can access and edit on all devices that will ensure you personally identify and secure the right role for you.

  • 8 proven strategies for accessing the hidden job market and landing a higher paid role.

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Instant Results
Powerful! I updated my LinkedIn and the next day I received a call regarding a role, that had never happened before. A few days later I interviewed and again followed the advice Coach Kim provided. Amazing Interview! Thank you, Coach Kim” J Pitakkaittikool 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    The Ultimate Guide to Getting A Better Job Faster

  • 3

    Discovering Your True and Confident Self

    • Lesson 6 - Core Values
    • Lesson 7 - Signature Strengths
    • Lesson 8 - Beautiful and Unique
  • 4

    Identifying The Right Roles

    • Lesson 9 - Job Passions
    • Lesson 10 - Superpower Time
    • Lesson 11 - Purpose and Your Target
  • 5

    Building Your Compelling Profile and Brand

    • Lesson 12 - Creating A Memorable Pitch
    • Lesson 13 - Building A Noticeable LinkedIn Profile
    • Lesson 14 - A CV that gets Interviews
    • Lesson 15 - Cover Letter Options
  • 6

    How To Generate Interviews

    • Lesson 16 - The Hidden Job Market
    • Lesson 17 - CK Infamous Hustle Plan
  • 7

    Interviewing Success

    • Lesson 18 - Interview 'Must Do's'
    • Lesson 19 - How To Absolutely Smash An Interview
    • Lesson 20 - The Art of Salary Negotiation
  • 8

    It's Your Time

    • Lesson 21 - Over to you
  • 9

    Bonus Lessons!!!!

    • Bonus 1 - Mindset Coaching - A Cool, Calm, Confident You
    • Bonus 2 - Starting Your New Role 'Smash It' Plans
    • Bonus 3 - The Super Super Bonus For You

Perform Winning Interviews

Included in the course, tutorials that contain my highly unique and very succesful interview coaching!

A Must For Struggling Job Seekers 
What difference this course made to me! Before assisting in updating LinkedIn, Resume and CV to land a job, this course first focuses on helping an individual discover themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, mindset and what they actually want from their professional career. Coach Kim have put a lot of effort in designing this course for struggling job seekers and for those who want to grow further in their career. If you want results do this course. H Raza

Can You Beat The Record?

Increase your current salary by more than $55,000? Let me know!

Late last year (2018) a client landed a new role that was $55k more then what they were currently on. Recently there was a $50k increase, 2 x $45K and 2 x $30k but the record still remains. If you beat it, let me know.
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Bonus Lessons

Included in this course THREE bonus lessons

  • Mindset Coaching

    How you see yourself is how others will see you. In this lesson, you will learn how to develop a strong and confident mind. So you are relaxed, calm and collected when you go on your interviews and start work at your new company.

  • New Starter Plans

    After you have landed a fantastic job, my two New Starter Plans will help you make an impact from Day One. Impress your new boss and show you are an asset to the team!

  • The Super Super Bonus

    Included in the Job Seekers course is a secret bonus. You will need to complete the course to discover what the secret is!

Excellent Interactive Course. S Phillip

Craft an Interview Worthy LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is powerful and potential employers will view your profile. In this course you'll learn how to build an amazing discoverable, interview worthy LinkedIn profile.

Your personal brand is the most important brand you will ever deal with. Make it compelling! In the course you will learn how to draft a memorable (elevator) pitch, an eye-catching CV, a robot beating CV and an extra ordinary cover letter to go along side your new beautiful 'very employable' LinkedIn profile

Get Your Dream Job Today

This course includes absolutely everything you need to identify and land a better job faster

Coach Kim

Career and Mindset Coach

Coach Kim helps individuals and teams achieve happiness and success. In June 2018 he was fortune enough to stumble across his something special! His purpose! Which he discovered is helping people with their careers! From students to C-Suite he spends his time helping people across all industries achieve career happiness and success and assisting businesses to achieve their goals. He describes his clients as some of the most brave individuals he has ever met and explains it is incredible rewarding work watching people transform from uncertain and anxious to happy and content and loves every minute. His most enjoyment comes from volunteering with charities to help disadvantaged individuals find their way. Prior to setting up Coach Kim he worked in corporate world in both Australia and UK as a business leader and has been responsible for business success. Some of the companies he has worked at include Axa, Northern Trust, Goldman Sachs and JBWere not to mention a short experiment at Sportsbet.
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